extra info and controll regarding optimisations and verification scrubbing


hi am just creating this following on from klaus’s post here with his suggestions:

also mentioned was a way to be able to manually start process…
this could be useful to able to manually start a data scrubbing process, such as in the following way…

  • dashboard could show a tab about monthly data scrubbing, with a status saying something like “All data has been verified as of 29 days ago… next scheduled verification process will attempt to run in 1 day(s) time, and will take approximately 1 day per 1Tb of data that you have on your drobo”

option 1 could see the user choose to do nothing
option 2 could see the user be able to “reschedule” which then pops up a window explaining more about it or a link to the knowledgebase, along with a link to allow the user to Verify Now (and a message saying that generally speaking a verify might only need to be run once a month so that users dont feel that they have to keep endlessly running reverify every few days etc)

(or a cut down version of the above, and then when it actually runs, it could have a message saying “Data verification is currently in progress… it is running as a background process, which may slow down your access a little, though is estimated to complete in X hours time” (or just show a % progress bar based on data verified so far / total size of data to be verified)

am not sure how feasible some kind of pause or resume feature would be, or what problems it could bring, so might better to allow a stop/cancel, with a message saying something like “the current verification process can be stopped, but will be auto rescheduled if not run manually after x days. If you do stop it, and then wish to start it, it will need to start verifying from the beginning again, estimated at x hours” or something like that.