Extend a volume

Is the Drobopro capable of volume extension?

For example if I have Windows 2003 connected to my iSCSI and I format my drives - I am of course restricted to 2TB max volume size.

If I upgrade to Windows 2008 I am now able to utilise a 16TB volume. Am I faced with having to start from scratch and wipe the Drobo?


You can have 16 TB volumes on Win 2003.

Unfortunately the drobo does not support resizing of volumes. You will need migrate your data off the drobo if already formatted to a 2TB volume size then reformat for a larger volume size.

you could not extend that volume

but you could create an additional 16TB volume - copy all your data across (from one volume on the drobo to another volume on the drobo) then just delete the old 2Tb volume

i have done this myself

Or that too. Sorry, thought I was in the Drobo thread not DroboPro.

Strange, when formatting the drives only 2TB was available as the size - everything else was grey-ed out!

Strange. I have spent the day copying my data too the unit too - so looks like I might have to copy it all off and start again and see where the issue is.

Woops! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

If connected to Win 2003, Vista, 7, win 2008, you are prompted for 2 different NTFS’s. 1st one is legacy for Win XP, which limits you to 2TB, the 2nd one is for all others and lets you pick up to 16TB.

Thanks. I guess you’re restricted to the total drive-space anyway. I have 4 x 2TB drives - so I wouldn’t have got the 16TB option. It’s a shame I can’t extend once I’ve got the other 4 bays populated. But hey ho, can’t have it all! :slight_smile:

No, you’re not restricted to the amount of physical storage you have - that’s the point and beauty of Drobo’s Thin Provisioning.

I have 4 x 2TB, but still have a 16TB volume. This means I could in the future upgrade drives from 2TB to 3TB and have more usable storage transparently as far as the OS is concerned. No need to repartition, copy, anything.

Oh I see - I read about that, but didn’t realise that’s how it works! I was about to move stuff around and create a 4TB volume - NOW I’m going to start from scratch and create a 16TB volume!

Superb! Thanks bhiga!!![hr]
Hi - sorry. I just want to be completely clear on this.

I have 4 x 2TB drives, currently with 3 2TB volumes configured.

If I move all data on to a single 2TB volume, and delete the other 2 volumes, and then create a 16TB volume with that free’d up space, then move all my data across from the 2TB to the 16TB volume…

Can I then get the remaining 2TB volume deleted and added as available space to that new 16TB volume?

If so, this is awesome!

Far out, it all just clicked. Forget the physical disks - bingo!

This is even better than I thought - great news!

It’s pretty darn cool. :slight_smile:


make any volumes you like - you just cant put more on them in total than you have in physical disks.

welcome to thin provisioning

It’s superb. When I read about thin-provisioning I assumed it was for vdisks, VMware etc. Not for the actual storage :slight_smile:

The feature has saved me many hours of time already - and I’ve only had the device a couple of days.

hehe, glad you are pleased with it :wink: