Extend a time machine partition

Hey everyone,

This might be a stupid question, but I’m really new to the whole thin provisioning idea. I followed some guides to create a time machine partition of 500GB, in order to keep time machine from filling up all space on the drobo. The rest of the drobo is in one big partition.

Now I would like to have another mac on my network backed up to the drobo. I would love to do this on the same time machine partition, in a second sparsebundle.
Is it possible to extend the 500GB time machine partition to 750GB or even 1TB? If so, how would I best accomplish this? Are there any tools for this in the drobo dashboard or just using Disk Utility in OSX?


If you repartition a Drobo device drive using a third-party utility (including OS utilities), you risk losing the data on the drive.

Okay, so no safe way to do this, at all?

Migrate your data and reformat to the larger partition/volume sizes you desire.

Why not just put the second sparsebundle into the other partition, and point Time Machine at that?