ext3 with external journal

I have a 3rd generation Drobo-S that causes nfs server timeouts unless I set the mount options to timeo=500.

It’s connected via an eSATA cable rated at 600 MB/s, on a 20Gb SAN.

There’s an X25-E SSD in that server, and I’d like to relocate the Drobo’s ext3 journals to there.

I understand that the provisioning methods employed internally are sensitive to how the blocks are put to use, and would like to know if they’re capable of functioning properly in the case of an offloaded journal.

Thank you in advance.

Hmm, no input on that here?

I think you’ll find that us Linux users are in the overwhelming minority here. (in fact, you may be the first one I’ve seen thus far).

I have never tried moving the journal on a file system to another drive, so I can’t give you any advice. That being said, having the journal (especially for a large cluser of drives) on an SSD seems like it mayb be a bad idea.

You would have a lot of near constant reads and writes to the SSD, using up its limited write cycles fairly quickly, I would think…