Exprerience with rebuild time of 30TB

HI Drobo friends.
I´ve had several problems with my Drobo 5D and since 24hours the Drobo is in rebuild state (all five drive led blink green/amber ). Do you have experience how long the rebuild will take for about 30TB ?

The Drobo is now over 24h in rebuild but the drives seem to be quite silent, I do not know if the Drobo is doing something.
Within Drobo dashboard I do not see the drobo ( connected via thunterbold 1 on MacBook Pro mid 2014 on 15.05.6) - problem occured on 15.05.5

Can you access the data?
If so, make sure your external backup is up to date.
Seems unnecessarily long.

That is the major point!
I can not access the Drobo at the moment.
Dashboard do not recognise the Drobo neither the finder on Mac.

I do have a Backup on a second device but it is not fully up to date, I´ve some crucial data I was working on that is not duplicated yet on the NAS.

The point is, that when the connection was “lost” the Drobo was not mounted but the connection led is green. Only a restart of Drobo helped. But now I do not want to restart as he lights signals a “rebuild” state.


Restart the Mac?

If no joy, and if the Drobo is not active (ie HDDs spinning or reading/writing), my choice would be to flick the restart switch at the back. This is not a recommendation, but I have a backup that is up to date, but in a way it is like restarting after a power outage.

Horrible decision.

I´ve restarted the Mac several times. Over night the Mac was completely turned off.

Minutes ago I got a mail from Drobo support mentioning that data rebuild may take 24hours per terabyte!
Crazy, I have 18 terabyte on that particular drobo… That would be 18 days.
I just need to access the Drobo to backup the new data, then he can run for months in rebuild… :frowning:

Connected via Thunderbold do not work, USB also not.

I have had it take several days, I would let it run its course.

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I don’t think I would try adding any new data during rebuild.

I´ll let the Drobo doing the rebuild. It´s not the matter of adding new data, I want read data from the drobo to copy it to my NAS for backup and to continue working.