Expanding to a second Drobo — Questions!


Hi, I have a two-parter here.

First — I have an existing Drobo FS and would like to pair it with another, new Drobo. They would be connected to the same computer. Do I need to get another NAS Drobo, I guess like the current 5N2, for them work together? The answer to this question may hinge on the next part…

Second — I have been updating this existing Drobo FS for years with more and more drives. It is still working fine, however, it is as maxed out as I want to take it (five 4TB drives). The result of these incremental storage upgrades over the years is that I have a bunch of 2TB and 3TB drives now just sitting around not being used. Am I able to reuse these old drives in a new Drobo? Would I have to get a NAS Drobo because the drives came out of one? Or would I have to reformat them anyway, so it wouldn’t matter which type of Drobo I get?

If I have to reformat them, what’s the best way to go about doing that? Can I do it in the new Drobo itself after inserting the drives? Or is there a better way?


Page 17 of the Drobo Getting Started document states…

Inserting the Drives

After installing Drobo Dashboard and, if needed, installing an mSATA SSD, you are ready to insert drives into your Drobo 5D. For more information on drive requirements, see Selecting Drives.

Warning! Any pre-existing data on the drives will be erased, as the drives will be formatted. If you wish to keep the data, copy it to another drive or medium before using with your Drobo device.

Note: Once you insert the drives into your Drobo device, they function as a unit or “pack.” To access the data on them, you will need the entire pack.


OK, perfect. Thank you.

So if that’s the case, and since the discarded drives aren’t actually a pack, then I guess I could go with either the 5D or the 5N?


Yes that’s right.