Expand Volumes

Hi all,

I was wondering if its possible to expand a volume on the B800i? I have two volumes at present; 1x 4TB and 1x 8TB. I’ve noticed there is almost 1TB of space that has been unallocated. Therefore I’d like to expand one of the volumes if possible to use up some of this space.

Can this be done via the dashboard? I can only see options to add/remove volumes.

hi nebula, from a quick look here, it does not seem possible:

if that is the case, you might be able to achieve it in a roundabout way, by backing up the current data somewhere, and then deleting the volume and then recreating it as a larger volume via the volume managemenet tool, and then to copy back the data again there.

(if you have space to start making the backups, maybe another user who also has that model could advise too in the meantime for you)