"Excellent" customer support

Hey Drobo…when you drop a drive, it would be nice if your emails about the degraded array told me which slot was dropped, so when I have to replace the drive, I wouldn’t have to contact support to tell me which drive was flakey.

Because when you do contact support, you get a form letter telling you to buy a new unit.

Yes, I get that the FS is out of date. But it works…except when it drops a drive occasionally. When that happens, your firmware doesn’t bother to tell me which one is gone. 10 minutes later, at 4am, it apparently comes back up and everything is fine, until it happens again. So…one of the drives is apparently flakey. It sure would be nice to find out which one it is.

But, I can’t…encrypted diagnostics and all…so…I contact support, who tells me to buy a new unit.

Nice work.

Remind me again why I’m defending you and getting my workplace to buy Drobos?

I’ve been waiting to buy a new 5 bay NAS from you, but not going to buy a 5N as I need something with a higher end than 16TB.

So…do I drop this new 6TB into my FS (and hope I pull the flakey drive), continue on and hope you put something with a > 16TB capacity out in the next 6 months? Or just build a BTRFS NAS with the drive, because as far as I can tell, that project is about 6 months from duplicating everything that I like about Drobos…