Exceeding Capacity

I have got a Drobo FS with 2x2tb Drives currently installed, giving me approxinamtly 1.8tb storage space.

I have filled the majority of this up and only have about 450gb free space left.

I have bought another 2tb drive to add to the unit but a friend has added almost 1tb of media (scanned pics, music, video) to the drive for me to add to my collection.

My question is, can I transfer the media to the unit as it is currently (obviously, I understand that, if possible, it would mean that I would not have and disc failure protection) and use up some of the 2tb reserved for protection, then add the third drive, once the media is removed, to bring the Drobo up to enough capacity for disc redundancy?

I hope that this question makes sense.

It makes sense

sorry no you cant is the only answer - you need to move the data to somewhere else

you cant reduce the redundancy on your drobo further and any drives added will be immediately wiped

Thanks for the answer, I was more thinking removing the redundancy completely briefly but you are saying this isnt possible at all.

I just about enough space to spread the data out over other devices but wanted to try and avoid double transferring and taking twice the time if possible.

I am assuming that I can use up the full 450gb free of the Drobo and that it doesnt save some space for something or another

You can use most of the 450GB, but remember, as you near being completely full, your Drobo will get painfully slow (by design).

As for getting rid of protection, Drobo isn’t just an enclosure. Any disk that is inserted is used by BeyondRaid, there is no JBOD setting for Drobos.

Good luck.

You cant really fill a drobo last 90%, it gets unusable slow, so at most you could use 250gb out of your 450gb

Thanks for your input. I am putting 250gb on the Drobo and the rest spread about, thus could take a while with only a 100 megabit Ethernet connection on my computer but will be worth it in a couple of days time.

Thanks again

(im on 85% currently - not long to go before i start my upgrade project from WD10EADS drives into WD15EADS drives :slight_smile:

why only the 1.5? just go straight to 2?[hr]
http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1&item=280658365017&ssPageName=STRK:MESE:IT :wink:

ahaa nice link :slight_smile:

i was tempted, but ive already bought those 7x1.5tb WD15EADS just over forty quid from january (and spent like 6 days surface scanning them LOL :slight_smile: