I need to clone drives for data recovery.

I found some drives but I’m not sure if has to be the exact make and model.

Can I purchase any of the WD30EFRX, or have to be the exact WD30EFRX-68EUZN0 Model?

Not sure what you mean. Where does a Drobo come into this? A Drobo doesnt care what kind of drive you put in.

No it does not need to have the same firmware (which is what those extra numbers at the end are)

I would use the same make and model just in case a different make is a slightly different capacity

btw just for context, we’ve been trying to help yerry from his other post here which is here which has more info about reasoning for clone work:

Thanks Docchris and Paul, I needed this confirmation before spending all that money buying the drives…

I Had the same make, model and firmware of the 2 and 3 TB drives but needed to make sure about the 4TB drives.

Wish me luck !!! :slight_smile:

here you go my friend, Goodluck…