Everthing is gone from my dorbo...

Everthing was working great with my dorbo.
Suddnely when it start, there is nothing in the drive, but a file with this name: ´¥Ý■ and with a size of 1kb.
When i see the properties of the hhard drive it says: tha i have used

1.31 Tb and 704 Gb free space, so the files are there.
Dont know why this happen.
Drobo dahsboard says everything is ok, all green ligth.
Thanks for any help

Need waaaaay more info…
What OS are you on?
How is your Drobo connected to your computer?
What filesystem is your Drobo formatted as?
What happened last?
Did the power go out, did the USB or Firewire cable get disconnected?

The first thing I’d try is a filesystem check - on Windows, use Chkdsk drive letter /X, ex. Chkdsk F: /X

Drobo protects only the accessibility of the data on it - it does not and can not prevent the OS (or other programs) from corrupting the filesystem due to communication errors.

Ok, thanks:
Im using windows 7, my drobo is ocnected viaUSB, The file system is FAT32.
I have two drobos conected to the computer, bt everything it ok with the other one.
The last thing tha happend was that i was trasfering music form the drobo0 to y aipod. left the computer unttened forabout 5 hour, when i return, everthing was ok, so i turn off the computer. Next day when turing it on, the problem was there.

Hacve run CHdsk, this is what is it says (a translation form spanish):

´¥Ý■ Time mark not valid
´¥Ý■ Time mark not valid
´¥Ý■ first assignation unit not valid. The entrance is truncated

Now, when i check the disk i have mor files:

'c%x¡¥╬· file size 4,155 634 Kb
AU40 file size 3648 689 kb
åѲ åѲ. 0 kb and
´¥Ý■ 1kb

Thanks in advanced

Hmm… Sounds like there is filesystem corruption. Chkdsk /X should have corrected the errors, though. You may have a lot of files in _____.CHK directories.

Did you shut down the computer normally (Start>Shut Down) or did you have to force it to shut down? If you shut it down normally, it should not have created filesystem corruption. BUT, because FAT32 is a non-journaled filesystem, just about anything can cause corruption.

Unless there is a reason why you are using FAT32 instead of NTFS, I highly recommend using NTFS instead, as it is a journaled filesystem and less likely to be corrupted compared to FAT32.

I would try running Chkdsk /X on the drive again to see if any more errors appear or are corrected.

Thanks. I have run another time Chkdsk and nothing happens.
When i turnit off it was a normal turn off. After i recover my info i will use NTFS.

I have run some trevoery files promgrams but they are not helping. A time ago, the same thing happened to me to another hard disk and with the software i wasnt able to revoer any info. soi formatted the disk and after run again the recovery software and found everything, do you think with the drobos myay be the same thing?
Thanks for your help[hr]
update, run “recover my files” and lokin promissing, now found 2500 mp3

Glad to hear you’re getting some stuff recovered there. Definitely go with NTFS format on the next round.

Hi, me again, well nothing was recover form the drobo. All infomretion found si corrupt. I was think in taking out each hard drive and try to see if i can find andinfo individualy. Do you think it migth work, ocant i make it even worse?

Welcome to the world of proprietary software my friend, your plan is unlikely to work. Did you open a case with Data Robotics?

No i havent, cant find were i canmake that i their web site,can you help me point were i can do it?

It’s in my signature.

Also at the bottom of each page here where it says “Data Robotics Support”