Event Log Question

I received an error after my veeam backup did not complete its backup to the 5n2 over the weekend. The Drobo was powered down after the backup failed. When checking the error log I noticed that there was an error of “An internal error has been detected” Not so strange BUT the date was 1969-12-31 05:59:59. I know that the date is the Unix epoch date so it is not so strange. It seems to work fine for most other things and the drives are coming up green after a power up. Any other ideas why Veeam acting up like this? Any other drive tools to detect errors? I do have a 10TB single backup drive with all the data so that is taken care of.

Drobo 5N2
Firmware 4.2.2-13.45.114559
3 - 6TB WD WD6001F9YZ-0
1 - 6TB Seagate ST6000VN0033-2E
1 - 2TB Seagate ST2000DM001-1CH
Dual disk redundancy

I’d be inclined to see what veeam have to say, or maybe post over at spiceworks, lots of veeam experts there, probably not so many users here.

Thank beardy, I have been searching on spiceworks and have not found anything yet. But I am still looking as the unexpected shutdowns DO NOT happen unless the Veeam is running. Just in case, I also powercycled my network switch incase there were any errors in the communications. Will keep this updated if I find anything out.