Event ID 57 and Drobo S ?

Does the below happen to anyone else, under Win XP and using the Drobo S with a USB connection ?
… Also, is the below anything to wory about ?

  1. With Drobo S powered on (and in its normal “green” led mode), you “Hibernate”-shutdown your Win XP PC.

  2. After Drobo S goes to StandBy mode (amber light), you power off the Drobo S (with Drobo S - Power switch).

  3. Next time when you Turn ON your PC and it “Resumes From Hibernation”) with your Drobo S still powered Off, I then checked/browsed the Win XP - System Event Log and noticed the following Warning Message:

    Event ID: 57
    The system failded to flush data to the transaction log.
    Corruption may occur.

Ran a Chkdsk /X and everthing is fine on the Drobo S.

1) … So is this warning message somthing to worry about ?

… Also, in the above senario,
… If I remember to first Power ON the Drobo S (by flipping the Drobo S Power Switch) and then Turn ON my Win XP - PC which then Resumes From Hibernation and I check the System Event Log, then there is no warning message.

Yes it is!

If you hibernate your pc, it expects all the same drives to be there when you power it on… it could still have open files or unwritten writes to Sino that it stores while it hibernates, if you power on your pc with droning suddenly missing - no wonder it complains!

I would absolutely recommend against what you are doing (i also don’t see the point?)[hr]
Sino = drobo (im on my phone!)

and ye s- if the drobo is there ready and waiting for your pc to re-connect when it resumes - of course there is no warning - everything is exactly where windows expects it to be


Actually, I was testing out ahead of time working procedure for quickly taking the laptop pc on the “road” - i.e. quickly hibernate and run out the door to go on the road with the laptop pc, when in a rush.

… So, I think then the proper “quick” out the door procedure, when in a rush, would be:

  1. Use Dashboard’s “Shutdown – Command” to Shutdown the Drobo S.
  2. Hibernate the laptop pc (after Dashboard “Shutdown -command” completion of Drobo S shutdown).
  3. Run out the door with laptop pc (and there should be no longer any issue with resuming from hibernation, when on the road with the laptop pc without the Drobo S unit)

… Do you concur, that the above should work without any integrity issues ?

That should work, as long as there are no other devices that you’re hooked up to (like a docking station).

I accidentally hibernated while on my laptop’s docking station at the office and was greeted by a BSOD upon resuming without the docking station.

Safely Remove Hardware and unplugging the USB should be enough, unless you’re really bent on shutting down the Drobo S (it’ll go into standby mode once disconencted).


Actually, I am planning on getting a docking station for my laptop soon, so I don’t have to spend a lot of time unplugging cables (usb and network) to my laptop, when I am ready to leave with my laptop from my home-office
… So, when I get a docking station, if I want to hibernate and then resume from hibernation on the road (without a docking station) and not get a bsod, is the proper procedure to : — (1) First press some type of eject button on the docking station and it notifies win xp (or some other way of properly ejectiing from the docking station). — (2) Then Hibernate the laptop pc, in order to avoid this issue ? … or, some other way to properly do it ?

Correct - you’ll have to:

  1. Undock your laptop
  2. Then Hibernate your laptop.

That’s the proper, safe way.

Likewise, you should resume before you re-dock, though resuming with more devices attached is slightly safer than with fewer, but it’s ideal to keep best practices.

Also keep in mind if you use more than one docking station, even if they’re the same make/model, the MAC address of the NIC will be different, as will the ID of the docking station itself, so it’s still different hardware to the OS.

Thanks for info !

… bhiga,


  1. After you resume (from hibernation), are you actually sliding the laptop into the docking station while the pc is on and windows is up ?
    … wouldn’t there be a risk of movement vibration/shock damage to the laptop pc’s hard drive from the action of quickly moving/snapping the laptop pc into the docking station ?

– or –

  1. Are you actually resuming, followed by a normal shutdown and then inserting the laptop into the docking station ?

– or –

  1. Are you actually resuming, followed by placing laptop pc into StandBy (sleep) mode and then inserting the laptop into the docking station ?

laptop hard disks is fairly resilient to shock and vibration - especially the relatively minor things caused by moving it about.

a lot of modern laptop hard disks can sense excessive shock and move the heads off the platters too.

I do #1.
Docchris is correct. I wouldn’t advise it, but my work laptop (Dell Latitude) has survived a 4-foot fall onto carpet with no apparent ill effects too. Modern laptops and laptop drives are quite resilient.

I undock with the laptop on (after telling Windows that I want to undock the laptop) as well.

If you’re extremely concerned about “hot” docking, then #2 or #3 would be the way to go, but I’ve done #1 a number of times and never had a problem. Except for resuming from hibernation in a different hardware configuration, which we already discussed. :slight_smile: