Ethernet Connection direct to Computer port.

Can I connect the Drobo FS directly to a laptop Ethernet port? or as a matter of fact any computer port and access the data as if it was on a normal network?

yes, but you’ll have to set manual IPs

Ah!. A little RTFM (read the fine manual), always help. p 36 contains the info.

We’ll give it a whirl later. Thanks for the hint.

Be warned, you’ll run into goofy behavior every so often, since the Drobo will be on one subnet and your computer (presumably) on a different subnet via wireless. Not all protocols like to cross subnets, especially file sharing, bonjour, etc.

While you can do this (without a crossover cable!) I suggest only doing it if your diagnosising issues and are trying to eliminate factors, (switch, router, etc). It does indeed act very strangely sometimes while set up like this.