ESXi 4.1 - iSCSI disconnections

I’ve recently upgraded (fresh install) my ESX host to 4.1.

I’ve increased the HBToken timeout to 14000 but am still finding the Drobo disconnects frequently under any sort of load, almost any load at-all.

The Drobo is actually connected via iSCSI to a 2008R2 host ON the ESX host - not directly attached to ESX. The network card for the storage is dedicated and is direct - there is no switch. This interface is presented as a second NIC on the 2008R2 VM.

Previously with 4.0 I had the same setup with 2008R2 host connected via iSCSI and though I had initial issues, the HBToken timeout seemed to fix it.

Has anyone got any experience with 4.1 and any suggestions?


The answer from support is that there is an issue with my unit and it is being replaced. No word on exactly what the issue is, even after asking for clarification.

My drobo Pro just started experiencing similar issues. I’ve got iSCSI connected to a MacMini. When I copy large amounts of data, it just disconnects.

Hi Joshkerr

You’re running ESXi4?