Esata to USB3.0 adapter

I recently sold my large computer that accommodated for the rc-219 esata card and got a mini-itx board that will not fit the card. It has esata on board but its not working (expected).

I was wondering if an esata to USB3.0 adapter would work? I miss my esata speeds.

Your mini-itx board doesn’t have USB3 built-in?

Protocol adapters can be problematic.

My Drobo S only has USB2.0. My Mobo has on borad USB3.0 and esata. On board Esata is not seeing drobo in OS even though it sees it in bios. I was going to see if the esata to USB3 adapter would work in place of straight esata or usb 2.0.

So it would be Drobo > Esata > Adapter > USB3 > Mobo.

I know these konds of adapter can be tricky but I was wondering if anyone had experience. For the extra speed it may be worth my while.

No experience, but I’d think you’d be better off trying to get the onboard eSATA working rather than use a protocol adapter. Just seems like fewer things that might break spontaneously, and you’d get better speed of course.

Yea, I hear ya. I’ll do that but if I have to settle for USB2.0. I should be ok because it’s still faster that my network speeds so I shouldn’t have any streaming issues.

Thanks for the help.

Check the list if your motherboard’s SATA controller supports port multiplier.

If not, see if your USB-eSATA adapter supports port multplier. If both are no-go, then you’re down to settling for USB 2.0 speeds or getting an eSATA add-in card that supports port multiplier.

Thanks. Looks like neither support that. My current board has no room for an esata card. I’ll settle.

So eventually (when I have ~$30 to burn) I will be trying one of the following devices… Both support Port Multiplying.

I read on another forum that the Addonics is buggy and they reccomended the U3esata on Amazon. So odds are I will go for the U3esata. I will post back with my results.

If anyone reads this who has tried this already or beats me to it please post your findings.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’ve purchased DATOptic stuff before, never had a problem with their goods.

One more reason to go with that device over the other :slight_smile: