eSATA chkdsk issue with v2.1.0?

After upgrading my Drobo S to the v2.1.0 firmware I noticed that running chkdsk causes problems when connected via my eSATA port. This might be because my eSATA card (Vantec UGT-ST300) isn’t one of the recommended ones, but it worked fine, even with chkdsk, prior to v2.1.0. What happens is that running “chkdsk /f” under Windows 7 (since I have a 16TB volume) causes the System Event Log to get several errors with the source being SI3112 (which is the driver for the SI3512 based eSATA card that I have). The chkdsk does not complete, and the Dashboard loses contact with the Drobo. The activity light on the Drobo stays mostly solid (though it blinks off every once in a while). I can’t access the Drobo again (neither the volumes nor via the Dashboard), until I reboot the PC and Drobo.

I did experiment with reverting to v2.0.3. I was able to once again run chkdsk without issues, though it introduced some other issues.

I did find a thread (http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=764) where people reported that chkdsk in Windows 7 doesn’t want to complete on 8+TB volumes, but I found that this is only true for me when using USB, and when that happens everything’s OK after you close out the command prompt window.

If some others can report that it works fine for them then it’s a good sign that I should upgrade to one of the recommended eSATA cards. But if it’s a widespread problem then maybe DR would need to look into it a bit.


Will Check Disk finish is you use the /x switch instead of the /f. The /x lets the OS unmount the volume if needed to run. It also implies /f.