Error when setting up Drobo Sync

I have two Drobo B800fs units and I am attempting to set up Drobo Sync to replicate the data on the primary unit to the 2nd as a backup. Currently both devices are on the same LAN subnet, each with static IPs that are pingable.

I have set up the backup as the target and that unit accepted those settings just fine, however I am getting an error when setting up the primary as the source. When setting the primary unit as the source I get the below error message:

“Failed to save the settings”

After this error message pops up the Drobo Dashboard application loses connectivity of this primary Drobo unit for a few minutes, then reconnects after a minute or two. I’ve tried running a Wireshark capture but nothing is being sent from the primary unit to the backup, so it appears to be an issue with the primary unit.

Current Firmware: 2.1.5 [7.32.64324]
Dashboard version: 2.5.2 [64171]

these posts might help you a bit:
also, when your drobo is ok, another tool which can help is syncback
have a look at this post too - i dont have those drobo models, but i use syncback on my other drobos and it works great.

Thanks Paul, a reboot resolved the issue.

One last question, is there any way to use the Drobo Dashboard for a Drobo on a different subnet? Now that I have the primary Drobo syncing with the secondary, I’d like to move the secondary to another site which is on a different network. The problem is that Drobo Dashboard appears to only work if you are connected within the same subnet. Is there anyway to manually enter an IP address for an offsite Drobo so I can check the health of the system? I’m not exactly sure what the best way would be to manage this remotely.

i’m afraid i’m not sure myself, but hang in there and hopefully someone else will be able to chime in for you :slight_smile:

In Drobo Dashboard, in the Drobo Dashboard Settings, there is Drobo Discovery Settings which lets you change settings to find Drobos on different subnets (assuming your subnets are routed properly).

thanks bhiga :slight_smile: