Error occurred while creating the backup folder

All -

I’ve been using a Gen2 Drobo for years. Recently (roughly around the time I upgraded my Late 2012 iMac to Yosemite,) I’ve been experiencing issues where Time Machine begins to fail, saying “Unable to complete backup. An error occurred while creating the backup folder.” Upon investigating further, the drive appears to be unwritable by the OS or any application. Rebooting makes the issue go away for days to weeks, but it always comes back.

My Gen2 Drobo has been to hell and back - overheated several times, multiple sets of drives, etc, so I thought I may as well update. I bought a Gen3 Drobo (attached via USB3) and moved the drive set over. Unfortunately, I’ve got the same issue as before.

Secondarily, Drobo Dashboard (latest version) has trouble finding the device, even when it’s working. This has been the same for both devices.

I’d be really grateful for some help!


I’m not familiar with directly attached Drobos but I can refer you to an excellent Time Machine troubleshooting guide. Section C10 may be particularly relevant.