[ENHANCEMENT] Drobo Dashboard links should launch default browser

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has noticed this, but all of the buttons/links on the Dashboard will open up the link in a Safari browser.

This functionality should be enhanced to use the Default Browser (in my case Firefox).

For clarity, here are the versions of software I’m running:

  • Dashboard 1.7.2 on a Mac
  • Drobo-FS firmware 1.0.4

on my windows machine it does open mydefault browser (not IE)

Not sure if this is platform dependent or not (I’m on a Mac). I’ve updated original post to clarify platform and version info.

I’m seeing it on my mac too. I run Webkit for my day to day browsing, and it’s annoying to have the dashboard open Safari when I click on it’s links.

I’ve noticed the same bug. Definitely not standard behavior to request a specific app. It is compounded when Safari isn’t present in the /Applications directory. If I move Safari to the Trash, DD will launch the help link in Chrome (my default browser), but if I put Safari back it opens the same link in Safari.

Why someone would go to the time of writing special logic to favor Safari is beyond me.

I don’t have a Mac so my knowledge dates back to the pre-OS X days… do its file-opening associations depend on extension?

In other words, is there potentially different opening behavior opening file://foobar.html versus opening a full web address of http://www.drobo.com ?

It does seem very odd if the behavior was actually programmed to favor Safari, as it’d be extra work compared to letting the OS handle it.

I’m sorry if this has been answered but have you changed your default browser in Safari’s Preferences?