Endless Data Protection

I’ve got an issue and I’ve been unable to get a response from Drobo support.

I’ve had a 2TB drive fail, pulled it out and replaced it with a 3TB drive. Data protection is in progress and then we had a weather related power failure. Got it loaded up and protracting again, Dashboard says it has 100+ hrs to protect. I tried to wait it out but the old laptop I was using as a server became corrupted and crashed.

Now I have it directly attached via USB to my desktop. Not only does it seem to be “stuck” protecting but will only load two of the three partitions that I had data on prior to all this craziness.

I’m attaching the diagnostics zip in case it helps shed any light on what is going on.


hi, i think it is still trying to repair itself…
i had a similar issue as explained below, and it was working again after some time:

the other day, my gen1 drobo (with 4 drives, and 2 volume/partitions) was in use, when my computer crashed,
i powered the computer down, and the drobo took a couple of hours to fix itself, but didnt reboot properly,
so i removed the usb cable and restarted the drobo, and it continued to fix itself,

after it finished, i restarted my computer, and no volumes were found, and not even that gen1 drobo.
(it found my gen2 drobo, but as it was late, i forgot that i had unplugged the usb cable) :slight_smile:
so i powered down the computer, and rebooted the drobo (semi power cut simulation)

when all was rebooted again, and plugged in, only 1 volume on the gen1 appeared, and it took over 1 hour for the 2nd volume to appear in dashboard and be usable by the computer.
luckily all was ok, and i ran a checkdisk as well.

but if it took hours to recover from just this, and i was not doing any rebuilds) then i think you are needing to wait at least for the Rebuild process to be complete, plus any extra hours for it to repair the missing volume.

please be patient and it might turn out ok for you but please let us know how things are going.

What Drobo model do you have, and how much protected storage does it have?

Protection time can be up to 24 hours per TB, so 100+ hours is not impossible.

I would dismount Drobo from the computer - Drobo does data protection on its own, a connected computer is not necessary and most times will make the protection process slower because of disk access like antivirus scans, indexing, etc.