Enabling SSH on DRDS2-A

Good morning, how do I enable SSH?

Hello there!

The DRDS2-A is a DroboFS unit. Can you confirm?

If so, there might be a section in your Dashboard for DroboApps. (It’s been a minute since I used a DroboFS, so I don’t remember if this worked on the DroboFS). From there, you should be able to download and install Dropbear, which will include SSH. If not, then you probably won’t find the official DroboApps anymore on the Drobo website.
You can still install SSH by downloading a version from here:

Place the tgz file into your DroboApps directory and restart Drobo. SSH should now be installed and you should be able to connect using any already existing account on your Drobo.

Good luck!



Thank you!

Glad it worked for you!