enable smbstatus?

Hi, i have successful SSHed into the 5N in hopes of running “smbstatus”

Its seems to run, but i get the error:

sh: smbstatus: not found

is there anyway to enable that?


I’m afraid the 5N kernel (Firmware) is not compiled with smbstatus binary.

This is why you can’t run that command.

Most embedded appliance liked router, NAS etc… although is running some variant of Linux. But usually they do not have the full set of binaries like normal Desktop Linux Distribution. These embedded Linux variant are stripped down in size so that they have small foot-print.

Worth a shot, I knew it was a cut down version but i had high hopes there was a hack/slash way to get it in there haha

Thanks Don,

If you don’t mind me asking, why do you need it? I can try to get a version of it compiled if there is a good use case. :slight_smile:

Hey Ricardo, that would be a big help if you’re willing.

I am running a Drobo5n behind my a DD-wrt router that i have setup as an openVPN server… From there people connect and have access to my Drobo as if they were local. I can monitor total usage via the router interface, but the VPN client monitoring is very limited via openVPN (intentionally from what ive been reading).

Managing available bandwidth is always a challenge (very small operation).

As smooth as this setup has been running, i’m basically running it blind as i cant see anything beyond currently connected users. My goal from the Drobo perspective is just to monitor activity via IP. I am less interested in total transfers and more interested in current transfers… from what ive read smbstatus can provide exactly that.

Hopefully that all makes sense, im fairly competent but no expert… let me know if there is anything i can try/do to save you time.


What about something like iftop or ifstatus?

from what i can tell ifstatus only provides details by network interface, but iftop looks like it can do by connection.

is it simple to compile a version of iftop? i found your post pointing to here:

but im not sure where the Drobo specific changes would take place?


Alright, give this a try:

ifstatus: https://github.com/droboports/ifstatus/releases
iftop: https://github.com/droboports/iftop/releases

Thanks Ricardo, i cant seem to get these apps to run? i place the .tgz (5N version) into the drobo App’s directory but after reboot the dashboard reports they are not running and when i start them from the dashboard i get and error (unable to start App)?

because they are used via SSH is there a different way to install?

Thanks again,

Im a little rusty as my development days are behind me… but going off the install.sh & service.sh there should be a slew of log files generated, however i cant seem to locate any of them?


should i remove “tmp”? my 5N has two folder in the root, public and DroboApps, but no tmp/DroboApps… could that be the problem?

Actually you are doing everything right. Those apps cannot be started from the dashboard because they are command-line apps. You need an SSH session (logged as root) into the 5N to run them. Once installed they will be located under /mnt/DroboFS/Shares/DroboApps/.

That did it, thanks for all the help Ricardo.

iftop is giving me exactly what i needed.