Enable Apache

Don’t laugh, I mistakenly clicked on disable Apache, now I cannot of course get into DroboApps through webinterface.

Tried Putty, network connection rejected … just before I clicked on disable Apache I tried updating Dropbear but it did not seem to update …
Before all this I was able to connect with SSH.

Sigh, this is starting to piss me off big time, stop advertising DroboApps DRI if you’re not supporting nor documenting it.

Anybody want a DroboFS to destroy?

From a post in DroboApps with the same issue.


First of all, I don’t see the “enable Apache” line, even if I would, I cannot change anything in there, tried deleting the file as well (and also tried entire Apache map), nothing…
Thanks to the “resource already in use” bug which was said to be fixed in a firmware update, I cannot map the share on my desktop system and the laptop on which I do have the admin share as ‘connected’ in Drobo Dashboard is at my workplace.
So I ftp in as root but apparently root has not enough rights, that’s a first …

Another strange thing, IE shows me the actual Linux structured maps like /etc /var , FireFox only shows me the shares and an extra map ???
In Internet Exploder I need to give in ftp://root@blablabla.bla.bla, otherwise I get a blank screen, in FireFox I just type in the ftp link and afterwards I need to give username and pwd, probably to do with the embedded ftp in Firefox?

Stay calm you say?[hr]
Installed Filezilla, now I DO see the file in Shares map, was invisible in IE, Windows Explorer and FF, what is all this sigh, it’s just me I guess.

So you were able to enable Apache then?

Well, seems another bug … “Enable Apache” was on “Yes” …

So when I saw that, I just renamed the file through Filezilla and rebooted, now it is ‘really’ enabled.

So the setting is not correctly read/changed by the OS after you disable Apache, seems like this should be taken into ur bug list to check.[hr]
And now I can get back into SSH, if this is related to Apache or the reboot I have no idea.