Email woes: even send test email fails

When I first bought my DroboPro in the late summer I immediately set up email alerts and everything was great. I just recently moved it to a new machine with a fresh install of OSX 10.5.8 and Dashboard 1.6.7. I’m trying to setup email on this computer but it just won’t work. When I send a test email (and yes, the settings are identical to the last machine, as well as what I have in Mail.app), it seems to hang for 30-40 seconds or so and then an error window pops up saying “Interrupted”.

Any thoughts?


Any other error message or more to the “Interrupted”?

Nope, it’s a pretty sparse little window:

Wow… Can you send email from other programs? My first guess would be that there’s some connection interruption or timeout, possibly from a firewall/antivirus.

Somehow I missed that you replied so quickly, sorry!

Yes, email seemed to work normally in Mail.app. I had sent an email to myself.

In typing this I decided to fix permissions and see if that helped, and viola! Drobo emails work again! Something must have been out of place I guess :-/


Weird… Glad to hear you got it working! Sometimes things just need to be reapplied. shrug