Email Settings

Can anyone confirm that the Email functionality works as it’s supposed to?

My email configuration tests just fine (test emails are sent and received), but I have yet to get emailed about drive failures - of which I’ve had several now.

works fine for me?

errr… check spam folder maybe?

Yeah, I have checked that and it’s not there. Not critical, since I’ve decided to just keep it up in my office (instead of the basement, out of sight).

weird though… it should work and does work for most people…

em, im out of troubleshooting ideas

Perhaps, after so many failed drives, your Drobo lost faith in the email alert feature and now simply wallows quietly in its own self-pity.

Without knowing your Drobo personally, I don’t know whether you should brutally sacrifice a hard drive and make an offering to the Drobo, or whether it’s better to go with reassurance and light some nice scented candles.

P.S. A rational person might suggest running a network capture using e.g. Wireshark, then reading the SMTP session data to see what’s going on.

P.P.S. A truly rational person would not resort so casually to packet captures. Damn, unmasked again.

This rational person will just glance in the system tray for failure notices :slight_smile:

And the hopeful side of me is thinking that once I receive two more replacement drives, I’ll never see the red lights again on the Drobo :slight_smile:

Works for me too, though I haven’t had a drive fail yet. I have removed a drive to check if the alert came up and it did. I also got the critical alert for low on free space on another occasion.