Email notifications, does it work when not logged in?

I will be moving my drobopro dashboard to a W2K8R2 server.

I would like to know where the email alerts are sent from:

  1. The user session dashboard app - to receive email alerts user must be logged in, dashboard must be running?
  2. The dashboard service - to receive email alerts dashboard must be installed, service must be running, but no user needs to be logged in?
  3. The drobopro - to receive email alerts the drobopro must be running?

I.e. if I install the dashboard on W2K8R2, configure email alerts, but no user is ever logged in, will I get email alerts?


Dashboard needs to be running in order to get email alerts.
So you need to be logged in in order for the dashboard to be running.

Well that’s no good :frowning:

Are there any plans to move notification generation to at least the service?


Not that I am aware of.

That seems like a big oversight for iSCSI deployments.

I added a feature request here: