email alerts seem fairly useless

I have four drobopro fs’s, i get the odd email that says

"Your Drobo: “123” has reported the following critical alert.

Drobo cannot currently protect your data against hard drive failures."

OK that’s great (well actually its not great at all), but why, what happened, was it power loss, drive going bad, bad sector etc ? which drive slot? i go into check it a few hours later, all the drive slots are green. Then a few days later i might get a drive failure. how do i find out what happened, i don’t see a log, the email might as well say 0 and save bandwidth

Is there away to get more info?

Pull the diagnostic log and send in a support ticket. Support will be able to check the log to see if there’s a drive timing out or if there were correctable errors that were addressed.

Without the email alert, you may not have known this was happening at all, so I would say the email alert is useful, though lacking detail. :slight_smile:

Why on earth would i email a diagnostic log to drobo support to find out a local drive is possibly failing. The drobo software ought to be able to tell me that. I’m not seeing a place in the drobo software for diagnostic log viewing, so i guess i’ll go look that up.

I’d disagree about the usefulness of the alert, I still don’t know if a drive is failing, it was a power cut a smart error etc. What is it i know is happening , just something. If its a power loss i don’t care, if its a smart error i care but less, if its a drive error i care a lot more ? Its considerably less useful than a light flashing on the specific drive for instance.

It might as well have a light that flashes ‘Problem’

thanks though.

Agree that the level of information is inadequate for most… but that’s the way it is. There’s a feature request for more-detailed logs, but best to include your request in a support ticket so it gets individually counted.

You can’t view the log in Drobo Dashboard, just retrieve it. Drobo v1/v2 logs can be decoded to human-readable via a script posted in here somewhere, but the Drobo Pro and newer seem to use a newer format.

Regardless, even those who have decoded the diagnostic have often been stumped to what it actually means, so best to just check with support.

Essentially, you are correct - Drobo has two states - “all good” and “something needs attention” - it’s primarily designed for those who don’t necessarily know what SMART is. Us “intelligent non-sheep” seem to be the vocal minority.

Yeah i’m confused about what the PRO part of the name means :wink:

But the info you gave me is useful, we’re still evaluating solutions and so far only bought four of the DroboPRO FS’s, it looks like they’re just not going to be the right solution for us, which is a shame because they’ve got some decent potential. I guess we’ll keep looking …


Yeah, I really don’t like the “sharing” Drobos (DroboShare, FS and Pro FS) - I just don’t have confidence in their performance level. My experience with DroboShare was far from ideal, but then again, I’m a power user. I’m sure if I gave the same to my parents, they’d have no complaints.

We have two Drobo Pros at my workplace. One of the chassis was replaced, and a simultaneous three-disk failure over a weekend (not Drobo’s fault) on one of the units. Luckily we use one as backup of the other, so there was little actual data lost.

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