Elite going into Standby by itself

Hey folks,

We recently moved our Drobo Elite to another room in our office, and after 4 months of flawless performance, we are now experiencing some serious issues.

We have it connected directly into the network, and our edit bays access the different volumes. It’s been working just fine…until now.

All 3 bays are now stuck in “Ready for Connection”. Drobo is turned on, and all the lights are happy. 15 minutes later, Drobo has entered Standby Mode for no reason, no connections are possible, and restarting it doesn’t solve it.

In Dashboard, it is set to go into Standby in 6 hours.

Sorry for scattered post… there’s probably more info I could share, but I can’t think of it right now.

just wondering if anyone’s had the same thing…

I’ll add more later

Any insight would be great.

Thanks in Advance…


Sounds like there’s a network connectivity issue. Can you take a laptop over and direct-attach to see what’s going on?

Or swap out ethernet cables. The Drobo goes into standby mode when it senses NO connection to a computer or switch. Disk spin down you set in dashboard is not the same as standby. Disk spin down will not affect the lights on the drobo.

Thanks to you both… right after I posted, we did indeed direct connect to a laptop PC (we’re all macs), just to generate a log. It saw it immediately, and as soon as he disconnected, and plugged it into the same brand-new network switch (in a different port than before), it immediately popped up on our Macs… and seems to be working fine.

So, seems to be an issue with

a) it doesn’t like the cable, although it tests fine

b) it doesn’t like that port…

Thx for the help… I’ll keep ya posted.


Thanks folks! All seems well!

Possible the cable wasn’t quite all the way in, or the Drobo’s NIC was in an unknown state and link loss/redetect was enough to snap it out of its slumber.