elite and vshere4

has any one yet setup a lab with a elite and vshetre4?

looking at filling it with 8 1.5tb drives from wd sata2 green power 64 mb cache drives.

2 tb lun and the rest for ntfs file storage…

well it is ordered, and 8 1tb drives it is going to be setup with vsphere 4 std and 2 dell poweredge 1950 servers. Ill let everyone know how it goes

after loading the elite with 1 tb drives we have 3 2tb luns with 3 physical hosts. We have had no major issues, we are running a single 2tb os instance on one lun and 14 other smaller ones on lun 1 and 2. We have a combination of server 03 08 r2 and linux os’s. 2 are exchange 2010 and sugar crm and a secondary domain controller. If you have the hosts this is a very good solution for under 5,000 with vsphere 4 essential plus.

I’m an interested to know what type of performance you are getting with this setup? I was looking in to doing the same thing with:

B800i (6X2TB WD)
2X HP DL360 G7 (dual processor, 16GB)
Dell Power Connect ISCSI optimized switch.
ESXI 4.1 Essentials Plus License
Symantec Backup Exec 2010
HP Auto loader

Virtual Machines:
Exchange 2010 (30 users)
Backup Domain Controller
WSUS/DHCP/Anti-Virus/Management Server
Sharepoint Server
DFS / File Server

If I could get these virtual machines to work in this environment, I would be able to make a business case for the B800i as it would dramatically cut electricity and cost of DAS.

I’d recommend not using the WD greens. I popped a few into my b800i when we got it and it ate one within minutes. I never even thought about it at the time, but the greens have variable spindle speeds and therefore don’t handle enclosure settings of any kind very well (at all).

Throughput for 30 users accessing 5+ virtual servers may tax the 60-80mb/s you can expect from this unit. Jumbo frames may help, but MPIO does not, nor will link aggregation (not iscsi compatible), so there’s not much room for more speed. Smaller reads/writes have much slower performance than the best case large file transfers at 80mb/sec. Whether that will cause problems is up to the workload your users subject the network to I guess.

I would be using the RE4 WD 2TB:

I’ll just have to put Exchange 2010 on a dedicated server then and thanks for your comment!

You are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will discuss.

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