ElephantDrive Drobo App

As Drobo continues to build partnerships with application vendors so they can port their solutions onto the Drobo 5N, we would like to announce that the ElephantDrive team has made their service available as a Drobo App.

ElephantDrive is a cloud based service that allows Drobo 5N users to backup, archive and keep restore points/versions of their data on the cloud. Data backup to the cloud is fully encrypted and easily accessible through their web portal as well as from mobile devices running iOS or Android.

Drobo 5N users not only get the benefit of having an option when choosing a cloud service to backup their data. They also get a complimentary 50GB of free storage, which is hard to beat compated to the current cloud offerings out there.

The ElephantDrive Drobo App is available to all Drobo 5N users using Drobo Dashboard version 2.5.2 or greater.

50gb is pretty good,
do you know if there are any plans on having a windows app at all in future, for normal DAS drobo users, or would a flavour of transporter be the way to go?

Hi Folks,

We are excited to start helping Drobo users with backing up their data to cloud directly from their Drobo device. With ElephantDrive, you don’t need to map your Drobo to a computer in order to backup to the cloud. Just install ElephantDrive in the Drobo Apps and start backing up your Drobo to the cloud.

If there are any questions/concerns or need assistance getting started, see the getting started guides at http://support.elephantdrive.com/forums/22120008-Drobo

Of course, you can always write to our support team at support@elephantdrive.com or call (800)778 4055

In light of Copy discontinuing support, we realize that some of you will be looking for alternative economical cloud backup options. In hope of making your transition a little less painful, we are making some ultra-low priced plans available for Drobo customers (1,000 GB for just $9.95/month). Start with a 30 day FREE trial.

If you already have an ElephantDrive account and would like to take advantage of these special plans, please write to us at support@elephantdrive.com or call 800 778 4055.