ElephantDrive App added in DD

Looks like an ElephantDrive app got added to the DroboApps in the Drobo Dashboard.

I hope they add a VPN app soon :slight_smile:

maybe it can also help us to remember things :slight_smile:

I’d have loved Dropbox and CrashPlan to Copy and ElephantDrive, but they don’t seem inclined to work with the NAS vendors. The perils of depending on a closed platform (referring especially to Dropbox).


Though I don’t mind Copy, I’ve already racked up more free space with them than Dropbox and I do like their fair file sharing policy.

The more apps the better, never heard of ElephantDrive before today have to check it out.

I agree Steven - a lot of folks at work love to use Dropbox shared folders which demolishes the quotas of everyone involved, especially the folks with new 5GB-only accounts. At least with the Copy model of “sharing the load” even the folks on the free tier have a fighting chance to get stuff without being forced to immediately go to a paid account.

Yes, I know you can just share a link, but the people I work with…

Helpful hint for everyone, if you sign up for Elephant Drive after installing it on your Drobo 5N through the window that pops up for configuration they will give you 50GB of space for free.

cool, 50gb is pretty neat… that’s more then the current use i have on mozy.

btw here are some links from their website


(some images are broken, and their main website is missing a NAS section regarding drobo, but maybe someone from dri can check with them too)

Hello Everyone,

ElephantDrive is excited to launch with Drobo 5N devices to allow direct backup of the Drobo NAS to the ED cloud. You can get a 50GB 30 day free trial if you sign up from your device.

ED also has Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, and some Linux apps/clients as well. You can see those at www.ElephantDrive.com.

If you have any questions or need any assistance with getting started with ED, you can see the detailed FAQs here: http://support.elephantdrive.com/forums/22120008-Drobo or just write to our support team AT support@elephantdrive.com

You can also reach me directly at joti@elephantdrive.com or (800) 778-4055

hi joti, its cool that you added a tab in the NAS section for drobo :slight_smile:

im still getting missing images on this page:

The 2 images underneath step 1. “Click Yes on the installation complete message to begin the backup configuration.” show up, and the image under step4 shows up, but all the rest do not seem to appear.

Hi Paul,

We’ve tried to reproduce the images issue you pointed out. The only browser we were able to reproduce this in was IE 10.0.9200. Our Web Team is already looking into it. Can you please confirm what browser you were using?

In the meanwhile, you can access the same page via any other browser (Chrome, Safari, FF) and the images are showing ok there.


thanks joti, i’ll pm you with more details and settings info…