El Capitan

Hello, I had the Drobo mini working fine, I upgraded the OX to El Capitan after rebooted I would see the Drobo fine. So, I downloaded the Drobo dashboard and installed then It ask me to upgrade the firmware of the Mini. I did, after I upgrade the firmware the computer restarted. When it came back the Drobo Mini never came back. I opened the Drobo Dashboard and it doesn’t find it either. I plugged the Drobo Mini to a windows PC to see if would detect the Mini, but nothing. Can someone help what I can do to bring it back to life?
Thank You

I just want to let you know that I fixed the problem. Just in case some one counter the same problem. I went to the apple store and I bought a Thunderbolt cable and connected the Drobo Mini with the new cable and connected it right away. The dashboard recognized it. So far is working perfect. It looks like the new operating System
(El Capitan) doesn’t support the Drobo Mini with USB connection?
All I know it works now… (-:

hi jose its nice to hear your got it working for you currently.
ideally el capitan and macs will work again with usb too.

Hi jose,

Hmm… I’m not too sure if is really El Capitan not working with Drobo Mini on USB 3.0 connection.

Now that Drobo Mini is working via Thunderbolt on Mac with El Capitan. But you did mention that

  1. Using USB with Drobo Mini on Mac (El Capitan) is not working
  2. Using USB with Drobo Mini on Windows PC is not working too.

If really is just USB issue on El Capitan with Drobo Mini … then I will aspecting Drobo Mini with USB 3 to work on Windows PC.
But is not, so maybe the USB Cable or the physical USB port on Drobo Mini is having some problem.

well spotted don :slight_smile: