Ejecting whilst Data Protection is running?

Is it safe to eject my Drobo Gen 2, connected by FW800, whilst data protection is happening, or is my Mac stuck tethered until the Drobo has completed the data protection?

PS: Nothing is wrong with the Drobo or Mac, I have just inserted a bigger HD into the Drobo, and would like to move my Macbook.

hi acidrich, i seem to remember reading some other suggestions about eliminating the chance of something on the computer from accessing and using the drobo during a rebuild (to avoid slowing the fairly long process any more), by way of shutting down the computer, and then waiting a few minutes after the computer is fully shutdown (not hibernated), and then by unplugging the data connection cable from the drobo, when no activity light is on the drobo.

im not sure how much longer your rebuild has remaining, (as it is usually about 1 day per 1TB of data that you have on it), though if it does not have that much longer to go, or if you do not actually really need to move things around, i would leave things be myself.

No problem with unmounting the Drobo from your computer while the relayout is in progress. Drobo doesn’t need the computer for that. In fact, it’d finish quicker when not bothered by computer accessing it.

Thank you both for the helpful replies.