Eject removable media (windows)

one question to you guys:
Does the “eject removable media” Systray-Icon of Windows work with your Drobo? Mine doesn’t, it stays connected, but no error-message appears…

No, it doesn’t! The Drobo or DroboPro/Elite units do have that function. Besides, why do U need it!

[quote=“rambo, post:2, topic:1473”]
No, it doesn’t! The Drobo or DroboPro/Elite units do have that function. [/quote]

I do have a Drobo Gen2 via USB. So is that a yes or no?!

I need it, because Drobo Dashboard is crap and almost every time fails to put my Drobo into StandBy (always says Drobo is in use, even if I dismount drobo (=remove the drive letter))

Removing the USB-Plug without sending Drobo into StandBy caused it to completely power off immediately last time! I don’t want to experience this again!

@RFZ Have you ever opened a ticket for all the issues you are having on your drobo?

Yes, I have…
At least one problem seems to be solved: The Dashboards “Stand-By” Button now works. It takes 4:20min from pressing the button to Stand-By, but it did work three times today. Maybe because of the Firmware update recently?

But I still have the problem that removing the USB-Plug causes Drobo to shutdown immediately :confused:

Then by all means, open a support case. Please make sure you include if you have tried this with different usb cables/ports and computer and that the issue can be followed on the Drobo.

Okay, here is what I did today:

Sent Drobo to Stand-By and waited for the Power-LED to turn orange. Then I unplugged the USB-Cable from the PC and booom, Drobo completely powered off.
I plugged it into my Laptop, nothing happened.
I re-plugged Drobos Power-Cable and it started. Few minutes later (lot more faster than on Windows Server 2003) Windows 7 had access to my Drobo.
I re-plugged the USB-Cable a few times - Drobo went into Stand-By and woke up as it should.

So I plugged it back in my PC. Drobo woke up, fine. Unplugged, Drobo went back into Stand-By. Did this also three times, no problems at all.

So even with the problem showing up some minutes ago, I’m now not able to reproduce it…

Intermittent problems are bad news. Definitely have DRI check the logs to see if things are behaving normally.

It could be a flakey USB port on your system, it could be something amiss with the Drobo. Either way, the fact that you’re having multiple problems (DDService crashes and Eject doesn’t work at the very least) points to an issue that needs to be resolved.