Eject or power down for computer reboot?

This sounds elementary, but I’ve never found an answer:

If I know the computer needs to reboot, do I need to shut down the Drobo (I have the 5C) and re-start it after the computer is back up, or can I just eject it and expect it to mount again when the computer comes back up?

If I do nothing to it, it doesn’t remount. (MacOS, now on Monterey 12.2.1).

Either eject or shut down & restart should work. Mind if you eject it it might go into some sleep or power saving mode, if it does & that’s problematic then power it off instead.

You do not to shut down DROBO when restarting computer

If I neither eject nor shut it down, it won’t re-mount after a computer re-start (and the Dashboard doesn’t come up). I don’t remember if that was true with previous OSs, but it has been the case with Monterey (12.2.1). I’ll try just ejecting the next time I need to re-start.

If I set up DDR, does that slow down access? I spend a lot of time editing photography files and it’s slow enough as it is.

it might actually speed reads up, with a slight penalty on writes.
Once the rebuild/re-layout is finished, obviously everything slows down what that’s happening.

Thanks! It’s on a good UPS so I’ll start the rebuild soon.