Effectively can't write new data to Drobo 5N since Firmware 3.3

So I survived the initial upgrade to 3.3 - got DroboApps upgraded and mostly sorted out (although NFS was a bear and is still a bit of a kludge). I can see the Drobo, mount it, and read from it all day long. What I can’t seem to do is write to it. Any attempt to write a large file - whether NFS, AFP, or even a cp on the unit itself - hangs quickly with top showing I/O anywhere from 33-60% and load just skyrockets (>8) until the unit is unusable and network connections drop. Eventually it finishes/gives up whatever it’s doing and the load comes down, but I still can’t manage to actually copy anything of significance to it. A 1GB file copied via NFS just stopped at 39059456 bytes, or ~37MB. A 650MB file local on the unit stopped at 125825024 bytes, or ~120MB.

Needless to say, a read-only Drobo is rather useless. This isn’t the first time a firmware upgrade has resulted in the unit being nigh unusable afterwards…[hr]
Interesting - I left the local copy (ssh in, cp a large file) running for a while, and after getting stuck a couple times, it finished. Subsequent copies - even across the network - have been fine. This sounds to me like impending hardware failure somewhere, but everything is reporting as “Good” across the board. Any logs I could look at that might shed light on this?

Heh, while that copy may have succeeded, things are definitely not running well. Attempting to rescan a Plex section (something that normally takes a couple minutes) has been running for hours with high load and I/O %.

hi diamond, can i check how old are your drives?
i had one fail on me recently after about 4-5 years, but not before things went sluggish, including operating system hangs and crashes.

Hmmm… none of them are terribly old - they’re all 4TB, so I figure they’re less than 2-3 years old. They do take a beating in the Drobo, and none of them are WD Red or similar drives.

ok thanks, it might not be the drives (didnt mean to alarm you) :slight_smile:
maybe the new firmware causes some additional internal optimisations, and just needs some time to settle?

i forgot whether you are on sdr or ddr, but maybe allowing the 5n about the same amount of time as a full rebuild would take, and then rebooting it and trying the test again, could see a smoother operation?[hr]
edit: maybe at that point too you could try swapping the network cable (or trying a direct approach if going via a router) just in case its a cabling/routing related?

I had the same experience when I updated to firmware 3.3.0. Drobo appeared and sounded to be doing a lot of activity in the background and it took a few days for it to “settle.” Hopefully it was doing some housecleaning because, I’ll be honest here, I reclaimed a good amount of available free space back after it was all said and done. I checked to see if all my data was there and I haven’t missed anything yet. Looking at all the system logs on the Drobo, I did not see anything weird.

Just to post back, after several days it seems to have settled as well. No difference in space here, and occasionally it will churn more than I expect on something, but it’s mostly normal.

ok, cool that its working ok again for you and isaa