E-Mail Alerts not working

I’m using Drobo Dashboard 1.6.8 on Windows Server 2003. I’ve configured E-Mail Alerts (set it to “send all useful information” - I use it in german, so I don’t know if that are the exact words…) but I don’t get any mails.
Sending a Test-Mail works fine.

Usually no user is logged in. However, I even don’t get any mails when I’m logged in as Admin and have Dashboard running.

Any Ideas?

I’d figure out why your dashboard service is dying first, the two may be related. But in general the dashboard doesn’t generate too many messages. Unless, of course, you have Drobocopy sending you reports.


A couple of things to note:

  1. Email alerts are only sent when Drobo Dashboard is running, and only one instance of Drobo Dashboard needs to be running.
  2. Email alert settings are individual to each user account and seem to be stored globally (see next observation)
  3. Firewalls can and will block Drobo Dashboard
  4. The “send alerts on” setting is separate for email and visual alerts.

As long as Drobo Dashboard is running, all email alerts set up for all user accounts get sent.

Case-in-point, I had initially set up Drobo Dashboard on the Administrator account to email me.
Then I set up Drobo Dashboard on a separate user account (so I could have Drobo Dashboard running all the time as a pseudo-service via SrvAny).
When I triggered an email alert (ejected a drive), I got both email notifications that I had set up (Administrator and “pseudo-service” account).

Well, I’ve replaced drives, that should have triggered messages :wink:

  1. Even with the new Dashboard that has DDService?? If so, great job DRI! But as I mentioned, I don’t get messages when I’m logged in and Dashboard is running
  2. I’ve setup Dashboard as “Administrator” and I configure/use it with “Administrator” (I don’t have other accounts on that Server)
  3. My Firewall is not blocking outgoing traffic. But even thats not important, because the SMTP Server is localhost :slight_smile: Test-Mail works fine
  4. Both settings are configured correctly

I’ve gone through the crap running Dashboard with ServAny (and better solution: scheduled Task as different User Account) with the old versions of Drobo Dashboard (at least that worked that times). I thought DDService was intended to end that dilemma.

Is it possible to trigger a Notification without removing a drive? (except the E-Mail Test Button)

My observations are based on Drobo Dashboard v1.6.8
I use Gmail for SMTP server.

Not aware of another way to trigger a mail but if your Drobo is near full and you have it set to mail on all information, then it should warn you when it’s nearing capacity too.

FYI: Using Dashboard 1.7.2 (will be released soon) now.
DDService still fails to send E-Mails or create Events in the Windows Event-Log.

My Drobo just shut down yesterday (I think due to the 90F+ degree temperatures in the North East of the US at the moment) and I got NOTHING from Dashboard via email. I checked the settings again today, the test email goes through perfectly. I have Dashboard set to send alerts for everything. I would have thought that the Drobo disappearing completely would warrant some kind of notification.

Is this an event that should get alerted?

Update: By the way, it’s a V1 at latest firmware connected to a Mac Mini running latest 1.7.x Dashboard.

the alerts tend to be regarding things drobo reports on, i.e. getting full, drive failure, drives added.

it doesn’t report if you just pull the cable / it looses contact with drobo - so if drobo emergency shutdown, i would imagine its the same situation.

@docchris, thanks for the help. I would suggest that a temperature shutdown versus a cable disconnection would be something that Dashboard ought to be able to distinguish.

The Drobo could notify Dashboard with it’s “dying breath” in this situation, as I’m sure that the shutdown must be managed by the CPU in there somehow, not just a thermal switch that yanks the power (there were still some lights on and the fan was running).

What do you say, DRI? Can we get this added to Dashboard?