Duplicate Volumes

So I’ve got both my drobo’s setup via diasychained FW800 on OSX, and when I go into Drobo Dashboard I can see both drobos (1 and 2 respectively, creative naming conventions, right?):

Drobo Name - Drobo 1
Volume - Drobo

Drobo Name - Drobo 2
Volume - Drobo

However, I have two volumes on my desktop, each called “Drobo” (the volume name) with a projected 16TB in each, and two drobo icons on the desktop as a result. I’d like to have these drobos share a single icon and mount both to one volume. Is this possible?



i guess if you really wanted to you could use your OS to create a raid-0 volume across the two drobos - but if you ever started up with one of them not there - it would fail horribly :frowning:

it would be a very bad idea to do it that way

Fair enough. I have automatic scripts running an update whenever there is a change to a folder on the volume, and I can only have the scripts monitor a single volume at a time (hence my desire to combine the two into a single volume vs. Drobo 1 and 2).

I can do this manually until I think of something better.

On Windows you can mount fixed drives as subfolders of another volume as a mount point.

For example, on your fixed C: drive you could have
where Drobo1 and Drobo2 actually refer to the Drobo 1 and Drobo 2 devices.

Given that Mac OS has *nix roots, it likely can do the same.