Duplicate files onto new 500FS

I’ve been running a DroboFS for a couple of years with approx 11GB data.
I have now purchased a new 800FS with initial capacity of 20GB.

I have used the 800FS already. It contains approx 4GB of data from a friend.

I’m wanting to efficiently copy the 11GB on the FS to the 800FS.
I’m using a net gear N600 router ethernet wired to the two drobos, and separately to a mac laptop. The router advertises 1GB/s ethernet speed.

I’m using an xterm on the mac to rsync the files from source to destination volumes and getting approx 3 MB/sec.

Can anyone suggest a better ideas for this? nb I realise that I cant use drobosync (although it probably would have been a good option)

By default, rsync breaks each file into chunks and reads/buffers/writes/verifies-source/verifies-dest. Especially on small files, it’s sensitive to latency.

Try adding the -W flag to these copies, so that rsync operates on the Whole file rather than fragments of it.
You could also play with the -B flag, but I think operating on whole files will accomplish the same thing more effectively.

I’m still surprised you get only 3MB/sec. I get 5MB/sec running rsync in Cygwin (Windows) to my Drobo or DroboPro and bizarrely that increases to the limit of my hardware when I load a game like Manaplus in the background. (Drobo: 15MB/sec. DroboPro: 30MB/sec)

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