Duplicate FIle names & Disappearing Files & Folders (Directories)

Totally confused.

OS Win7 64bit firm 1.3.5, 3x 1tb drives
Drobo2 via Firewire 800
(Unibrain = ubCore™ 5.63 for Win/Viista/7 64 bit & BestBuy Firewire card 1x400, 2x800)

All was OK for the last 2+ months. Downloader about 300 pictures via Loghtroom. All OK, did my editing of RAW files, export to JPG, burned 2 disks with the JPG. Turned of the system.

Later needed to review and export another set… lo and behold, 2/3rd of the RAW files show “0” bytes, and about 1/4 of the exported jpg are also “0” bytes. Lightroom reports the files as missing or corrupted.

What give.

I NEVER know what is going on with the Drobo, no message, just dumb lights. Right now all the lights are green… but missing lots of files.

Any hint.[hr]

OK, so this morning when I check the Drobo2, nothing changed, BUT when I access a VISIBLE folder, I can go into it, and ‘nada’, nothing in it, then when I go up one, an back to the root, and try to go back down the folder disappears.

OK, this is ‘deja-vu’. So again I back up the data. Whoa! the back up of the folder shows the missing folder, albeit there are ‘0’ files in the folder.

Furthermore, in the past I’ve had some folders with duplicate names & size, et al. I can move/copy those files, and when I move them, they go to the place I direct them to, and BOTH name get deleted from the folder, and show up as ONE file name in the new spot.

OK, so I come back to the old folder with duplicate name a couple of days later, and now they show correctly as one name.

SO… the current problem. I have a folder with newly created files that suddenly has ‘0’ byte files, along with files with the correct amount of bytes and readable.

What is going on here! When I first got the Drobo, and that was under Vista 32, I had a similar situation with duplicate file names. I was told that there was corruption. FWIW, I’ve been using PC’s since the first IBM dual floppy. I NEVER HAD FILE CORRUPTION, unless there was hardware failure or power glitches.

My PC & Drobo are on 1000 and 1400 APC UPS.

I read in some other threads similar situations. Any advice would be appreciated, as I have a $$$ job to do with files on the Drobo.


-= Chris =-

Have you run a chkdsk on your drobo volume?

OK, ran the checkdisk on the drive [Properties] > [Tools] > [Check now], and no data fix occured after a LONG spin. Still missing the files - names are there, but they show up as ‘0’ bytes. One directory misteriously reappeared.

Very odd, after the chkdsk, the drive came up as \ADVirtualDisk. I had to reboot to see it as a drive letter.

Maybe I’ll call tomorrow. In any event, I restored the data on another external drive (LaCie) and completed the assignment.

FWIW, today I dropped in to B&H Photo (NY) after delivering my job, to discuss some NAS issues. There I noticed the ‘S’ model. Now why is it that you finally got it right with the lights. I looked at the drive doors and the rear drive SATA sockets. There seem to have been an improvement in the engineering over the v2 series. Maybe you should offer a new panel for those with the v2 ‘black box’. One showing the I/O light, and stanby light. Also met with a fellow Drobo owner.

Even after the chkdsk, I still have duplicate names in one folder. As I mentioned, they appear on copying tot he folder, and disappear in tandem when moving the files. Not very reassuring. As I mentioned I do have two units, both registered under my name.

I’ll call tomorrow. Any guru I should speak to? TIA.

-= Chris =-

If you can, run chkdsk /f drive letter: (ex: chkdsk /f E: ) from Command Prompt (Windows-R, then type CMD and enter it in the command window). The GUI-based “Check Now” doesn’t show you the useful information.

Are you still connected Firewire, or did you try USB? If you haven’t connecting via USB is also worth a try.

Re-read your message… A quick search seems to imply that \ADVirtualDisk\ is related to Adobe Creative Suite 4’s Adobe Drive CS4. Do you have this component CS4 installed?
seems to cause issues in Prinegy (whatever that is) so it’s worth a check at the very least.

Info from Adobe on Adobe Drive
Sounds interesting, but I definitely see the potential for weird things happening, especially if it’s somehow monitoring drive writes.