Dual utilization of connectivity - Direct firewire + Droboshare

Alright… I was wondering…

Is it possible to connect the Drobo directly to a computer through fx. Firewire, and at the SAME time have it connected to a Droboshare?

That would mean some basic functionality could be handled through the Droboshare, but at the same time being able to utilize more advanced functionality through fx. a dedicated NFS server instead of the poor userland nfs app.?


The drobo can only see one interface at a time. Either USB or FW not both.

So because the Droboshare is connected through the USB cable, this wouldn’t be possible?


Alright - thanks for the answer.

Is this a hardware of software issue? Is it a matter of bus-timing or what is the reason for it?

It was designed that way.
Drobo only recognizes one interface at a time.

Even if it was allowed, you wouldn’t want to deal with the aftermath of the horrific file system corruption that would occur if two computers (i.e. the Droboshare and the thing attached to the FW800) both tried to write to the disk separately and simultaneously…

feels way too risky