Dual iSCSi to one computer? Would that increase the speed?

Dual iSCSi to one computer? Would that increase the speed?

Maybe a dumb question but, I am not educated on the technicals of this…

Thought about the new B1200i when it comes out with 3 iscsi ports?

any insight into this?

Yes, dual iSCSI or MPIO or NIC Bonding/Teaming or simply 10GbpsE on copper would definitely increase the speed and reliability but none of that was found in the biggest, smartest & priceist Drobo, the B1200i. Well, Active/Active or Active/Passive 1Gigabit is the best config available - although I could hardly wait to get my hands on a B1200i, not likely purchase one or recommend to my corp customers. Further, the architecture of the B1200i is completely different when compared to the Pro/Elite. I’m sure there will be countless number of technial issues DRI engineering is facing now and during & after the official launh day. By June, drive manufacturers might have already shipped 4TB or larger drives. The bottom line - the B1200i is too rich and too slow for me!

It’s been a while since I did my Link Aggregation/bonding/teaming research, but I thought bonded ports wouldn’t increase bandwidth to a single client - a client connection can only exist on one physical interface, and therefore would be limited to 1 Gbps.
However, two bonded 1 Gbps interfaces would allow the server to provide 1 Gbps each to two clients (2 Gbps total), whereas if it was just a single 1 Gbps interface, the two clients would have to share the same 1 Gbps of bandwidth.

Am I mistaken? Like I said, it has been a while, and iSCSI might have some extra smarts I’m unaware of.

The 10 Gbps connection would definitely provide more bandwidth, as long as it was 10 Gbps on both ends.

bhiga: Tks for the reply and triggered my quest of knowledge to google on iSCSI and I didn’t know NIC Teaming is not supported in iSCSI. Well, at least not the current version. Guess we are back to MPIO & MCS.

The elite is not fast enough to saturate even a single iScsi link.

Testing MPIO from SBS2011 (2008 R2 equiv) to b800i over dual direct links now. Will update with results.

best results were using MPIO - least queue depth:

Hardly seems worth the effort. I was getting 70mb/sec over a single gbe link. ~15% increase worth the second nic?

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