Dual Disk Redundancy - Greyed out

After updating to FW 1.1.3, Dual disk redundancy is now greyed out for me.

anyone else seen this?

You mean you didn’t have DDR enabled prior to the 1.1.3 upgrade but once you did, the firmware errorneouly thinks ur Pro had DDR enabled? FYI - I didn’t have DDR enabled on my Pro and after the manual update, I was able to enable DDR w/o any issue.

I didnt have it enabled before the upgrade. Now its greyed out and I cant check the box at all.

Anyone else have any thoughts?

And you have rebooted your computer and it doesn’t come back?

Possibly uninstall and reinstall dashboard 1.5.1.

No luck on reboot. I’ll try to reinstall later today.

No luck. Reinstalled dashboard, same thing.

Could it be that its greyed out because there isnt enough overhead to do dual disk?

I was thinking about turning it on a few days ago when I noticed it was greyed out.


How full are you?

If you are full, you don’t have enough space for DDR.

I’m at 70% full.

So if the drobo is too full, that box will be greyed out?

Yes, you won’t be able to enable DDR since there is not enough room for the data if 2 disk fails.

I didn’t realize you had data on the drives, thought this was a new set up, my mistake.

Be sure to use the Drobolator to calculate the amount of storage you need, and especially so if you have a mix of sizes in your DroboPro. Dual redundancy requires two of the largest disks you have as spares. So for example, if you ar thinking about upgrading to 2TB drives, you will need three to get a real increase in capacity. Once you cross that boundary, you start to realize the additional capacity benefits, but the initial stuffing is expensive.

is there a way to calculate necessary free space for DDR enable / disable ?