dtach 0.8

See http://dtach.sourceforge.net/ for more information and sources.

This package contains a small program that creates similar functionality to screen’s detach program. The .tgz’s startup script will automatically create a symbolic link the proper location and generate an install.log in its DroboApps directory. There is also a handy uninstall script as well.

dtach is useful for backgrounding and resuming some of the other DroboApps, such as ctorrent. An example of usage is as follows:

dtach -c /tmp/torrent.tmp ctorrent example.torrent

ctorrent will then load the example torrent in the foreground. You may now hit Ctrl-Backslash to detach from this application and leave it running in the background. Re-attaching is as simple as:

dtach -a /tmp/torrent.tmp

This will attach to the temporary socket you created for running ctorrent and foreground it. As always, read dtach --help to get a feel for the options and what they do.

Have fun!

Author: November

I’d love to use this. Can you please post the binary?