I know that it’s been discussed before, but I don’t recall is that was before or after Dropbox published a GPL source-based install rather than an x86 binary blob:

Ricardo, what’s your take on it? We have Copy and BTSync of course, but probably 99% of folks have their data in Dropbox.

Sorry for the late answer, I’m currently in Beijing with limited internet access.

That source package is for the desktop client (thus the “nautilus” in the name). I never dug too deep, but if the Dropbox background process is included with that source code, then it is tangled so bad with the rest of it that it is not worth it to try to dig it out. It probably relies on the GUI for all kinds of configuration and output, so all of that would need to be rewritten.

TL;DR: /jedi_hand_wave “That is not the source code you’re looking for”.

I know this thread is a bit old but I feel this is the most relevant place for this post.
It’s probably nothing but I was checking out the Drobo Dashboard files in Windows and came across a “dropbox_icon.png” in “C:\Program Files (x86)\Drobo\Drobo Dashboard\Styles\Default\DroboApps” Perhaps a DroboApp is or was in the works?

“facinating” :slight_smile: