dropbear/SSH information for beginners.

i’ve just got my drobo and droboshare up and running. i want to get torrents downloading direct to my drobo so i’ve installed dropbear and cTorrent.

now i have NO IDEA what to do next. i’ve managed to connect to my drobo (i think) via putty but that’s about it. i’ve done numerous searches and can’t find any sort of tutorial for a beginner.

can anyone help?

There is a Users Guide included in the package for cTorrent which has the commands and examples of usage. Here is the web based version of that same document.

yeah i found that, but i can’t even get it to run. i figured how to cd into the DroboApps folder, but then what?

Get the torrent file onto your drobo and type ‘ctorrent torrent.filename’ and the downloading will start. A good way to get the torrent file on to your machines is to copy and past the url for the torrent file and, in putty, type 'wget ’ and then right click on your mouse and the url will be pasted in. Hit enter and the torrent file will download from the url specified.

thanks! my droboshare has seemingly packed in so i’ll have to wait till it’s fixed to try this out. which directory should i be in while typing these commmands?