Dropbear SSH Access

In the other topic I posted the code for how the change the root password persistently script works that comes with Dropbear. With in it should be enough information for the technically inclined to manually add users and passwords that work the same way.

I see a lot of posts here about changing the root password not being persistent by default. I’m curious about this, is the password loss occurring on RESTART or RESET?

My understanding is on restart, and on making changes in the Drobo Dashboard. nasd overwrites the files rather than adding/removing users using standard commands - which is the core issue, and why I keep bagging on the DRI programmers. You just don’t do that!

Okay, back on topic - the latest firmware does seem to have changed something. I can now successfully log in as a standard user (the administrative one I created in Drobo Dashboard). I don’t recall if I laid any groundwork for this in the past, but “ssh user@drobo” now works for me. Note that sudo is not provided, but “su” is - sort of. All basic shell commands are provided via busybox, and for su to work, the binary must have the setuid bit set, and busybox does not.

Log in as root, and then run this command to add the setuid bit on busybox:

chmod 4755 /bin/busybox

Could others try SSH’ing in with their normal Drobo admin account, rather than root? Sadly, I verified that although you can create a user and group using standard commands and subsequently log in via SSH - on reboot it’s still wiped.

I can log in with my drobo admin account

I, too, can ssh with my drobo admin account and other accounts created. But as others have also indicated, using passwd to change the root password doesn’t persist across reboots.

It is interesting that the “Important Information” for DroboApps admin says the following without the caveat that this needs to be done every time the box is reloaded.

[quote]Below is some VERY useful information for those that are new to DroboApps:

Dropbear SSH & Pure FTPd: The default username and password on the Drobo FS is root and root. You can change the password by SSHing into the Drobo FS and running the command ‘passwd’.

Perhaps a quick .sh script could fix that problem(?). Either way, the limited documentation should definitely be fixed IMHO.

At the end of the day, the appliance tech specs says it does SMB/CIS, AFP (and NFS with the help of DroboApps), so I guess we’re fortunate to have the added benefits of SSH, Apache, Pure-FTPd, etc. [Though it would be nice if the latter services didn’t have to be restarted every now and then because of quirky behavior! :)]