Drop Apps not working on a 5N2- any suggestions?

If you are having trouble installing or uninstalling Drobo Apps on a 5N2, please read on.
I purchased a 5N2 Gold in July and successfully set it up along with installing a number of Drobo Apps, specifically Drobo Pix, Drobo Access, My Drobo, and Retrospect. Around Sept 3, for some unknown reason, my Drobo apps stopped functioning. I had surgery and wasn’t in a physical or mental space to deal with the non-functioning apps or work in any meaningful way. After a couple of weeks, I was ready to start working again and contacted Drobo about my problems. I submitted diagnostics and was told that while the problem was not anything I was doing, I would likely have to erase and reset my Drobo, however, the tech would have others look at the problem and get back with me. It had taken me nearly three weeks to load onto the Drobo all of the materials I wanted to live on the unit and access remotely and I wasn’t happy about the prospect of an erase and reset. I waited a couple of days without response and then bit the bullet and bought another 20TB in portable hard drives to create backups. Still no response from Drobo support. I created the backups and then did the erase and reset. Oh! Now someone from support asks me to update Apache (after I had done the erase and reset). I inform them of my actions and upload a new diagnostics file. Another response from support asking me to try to uninstall apps (that are gone because of the erase and reset). I informed Drobo (and can see my responses on the support page) that the information they were providing me was no longer applicable and provided them additional information. No response from support. I updated my macOS to Catalina and attempted once again to install apps without success. I’m not able to access my materials remotely as I need for my livelihood. I’m not able to run regular backups (I do have Time Machine separate from the Drobo) with Retrospect and now I cannot locate the phone number to call DroboCare to get some of the CARE that I purchased when I bought the Gold version of the product.

If you have had trouble with the Drobo Apps or even installing/uninstalling apps, please help me! I have spent $$$$ and do not have a working tool with which to earn back the money invested in this product. Actionable information is what I need along with a human to respond IN THE MOMENT if the actionable information isn’t actually actionable.