Drobox 5D will not start - fan running full speed


This was Woking fine yesterday and today - zippo.
When power was applied the fan starts immediately even though I’ve not depressed the on/off switch. The on/off switch has no effect. The green led mounted on the switch is perminatly illuminated regardless if the power is disconnected.

I’ve removed all drives including the SSD drive under the base and tried a hard reset with no joy. I’ve issued a ticket to tech support.

This unit was only purchased less than two months ago and all my data is on it. Really concerned and feeling vulnerable. Any ideas?


I’m sorry to hear that.

It seems like a faulty unit. I don’t think your data is affected.
Your data should be accessible again once the hard drives are inserted on the replacement unit.
Just remember to only remove/insert the hard drives when the unit is turned off.

After leaving the unit powered off for @ 48 hours the green rear mounted LED on the power switch turned off, the unit now re-starts OK. I need to place all the drives back in and see whether it still works and my data is still there!

I assume re-inserting all hard drives and the bottom mounted SSD drive after a unit reset it will not attempt to erase or format my drives by default?

NB All the drives were removed prior to the system reset (rear reset button pushed).

Its fine… just remember to insert the drives when the unit is turned off.
Good luck.

Bizarrely it now works! Odd… Its not giving me a nice warm feeling though.

I guess the firmware latched up when it was shutting down and the SuperCap kept thing alive in a crashes state until the power finally diminished, which took a day or two. It could then power up normally after that?